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RON KING is a Community Development Program Specialist for the City of Columbia. He focuses on creating financial services programs including Start Fresh! and BankOn Columbia.  

Steven Hughes is an engaging and dynamic speaker. His chosen curriculum – goal setting, the importance of saving to reach one’s goals, simple vs. compound interest, credit vs. debit, improving one’s credit score, good debt vs. bad debt, and more – was presented in a compelling and easy-to-understand way. What’s more, the entrepreneurship lab (which ended the two-week program) was a great way for the students to apply what they had learned. Pre- and post-tests showed a marked improvement in our students’ knowledge of the subject matter at hand. Thank you, Steven!
— Brenton O'Hara and Kate McKinney, Co-Founders of Project Opera Camp

DR. CYNTHIA JONES PITTS is a member of the  SC Department of Commerce and Laurens County Chamber of Commerce, where she is Chair of the Workforce Development Committee and “Champion” of the Work Ready Communities project.

We all know that money and budgeting can be sensitive subjects, but Steven presented the information in such an eloquent, yet friendly manner. It is rare that a presenter will freely give of their time to be a part of an after-hours event, but Steven did. And he also provided the audience with some wonderful books about financial literacy. Steven Hughes is very knowledgeable and passionate about all things financial. The staff of Richland County Community Development is very grateful to him, and we look forward to partnering again in the future to get the message out about the importance of financial literacy.
— Tina Thomas, Richland County Community Development, Manager of Housing


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