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Perfect for emerging student leaders

Available as a 60 minute keynote

If you want your students to learn how to grow from their challenges, this talk is for you.

Navigating through the challenges of college is no easy feat. Academic, social, financial, and emotional tests appear at every turn. Some are more mentally taxing than others, but this talk shows students how to use their challenges as fuel.

In this candid talk, Steven reveals the big wake up call that forever changed the course of his life. Through the lens of this experience, he provides actionable steps to help students continue to be social and enjoy the college experience without making impulsive and irresponsible decisions.

Students that attend this program learn to:

  • Navigate their challenges

  • Use the most important factor in changing a negative habit to their advantage

  • Get involved with activities and organizations that feed their strengths and purpose

  • Take losses on the micro-level and generate wins on the macro level

Steven’s mission is to empower students to use past and present obstacles as building blocks for their future success. 


Perfect for young adults with potential to achieve more or students who want to excel athletically and academically

Available as a 60 minute keynote

This talk is the blueprint to success for attendees going to the next level. The D.I.G. formula shows students how to create a plan to achieve their goals through four steps. In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How to make good decisions and use reason to determine the best course of action when faced with a challenging situation
  • The importance of commitment when carrying out their plans for their future
  • The most important step to achieve success and how to incorporate it in their academic and professional career to set them apart from average 
  • How to establish a genuine plan that will result in progress

Attendees will leave this talk feeling responsible and accountable for their success, while feeling empowered to take action towards their goals.

Make It through the maze

Perfect for ambitious business owners

Available as a 60 minute keynote or 60 minute workshop

What are you getting accomplished? Our businesses demand a lot of time and attention. When you add the attention that healthy personal care requires, it's easy to get busy and not complete the things you planned on your daily or weekly task list.  

If you want to become more effective in your business, this talk is for you. Entrepreneurs are visionaries and they constantly have "open loops" in their mind. Steven will teach you how to prioritize what needs to be done to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Learning this is not optional for success

Participants will walk away from this learning:

  • What steps are needed to stop procrastinating

  • How to be effective and productive as an employee or an entrepreneur 

  • What task and to-do lists are missing that make them ineffective

  • How to reduce their anxiety stemming from incomplete tasks