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We all know that money and budgeting can be sensitive subjects, but Steven presented the information in such an eloquent, yet friendly manner. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about all things financial, and we are very grateful for his eagerness to get the message out about the importance of financial literacy.
— Tina Thomas, Richland County Community Development —

Once weighing 300 pounds and making every money mistake imaginable in his college years, Steven M. Hughes knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom.

Today, hundreds of colleges and universities, corporations, local governments, and more call on Steven to help their future leaders improve in the areas of personal finance, wellness, entrepreneurship, and overall mindset. He marries relatable, real life experiences with research and theory to empower audiences to live with optimism, purpose, and drive.

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I started working with Steven last year around the time I established my New Year’s resolutions and have since reached 2 of 3 financial goals I set in January. The first was buying a house, and the second was buying a car. At the time, I didn’t actually believe I’d reach these goals during the year, however, Steven helped me establish a plan for monitoring my finances that worked. After a few consultations, I had a much better grasp on where my money was going and the newfound clarity made planning for the future much easier!
— Dr. Walter Lee, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Steven has worked with colleges and universities, government agencies, churches, community organizations, and global corporations to equip their millennial audiences with tools to set and achieve goals personally and financially.